Standards and ideals. But do you know me ?

  I think a standard or an ideal is the best of something you can strive for . Other times there are just what they are, a bar to meet up to , one might never meet up to standard of a particular standard or an ideal, but it is there to be like a colorful mark showing us where to head for, to grow properly.

  In our society standards are being set. It’s almost mathematical. Rules are placed, ways of lives are fixed. What about the human side of things? What about the non automated side of life ?  Experience, misfortune, set backs , tragedy are almost excluded. It seems life is mean to be run and run very fast and with no one asking where on earth it really is runnung to? Where is everyone rushing to ? Why are they in a hurry to pass out ? I have this imagination of people in a frenzy speeding and suddenly falling into a hole , a dep dark hole, and barely having time to calm down and even experience the shock of falling. Like computers. That is not how we were created .

  Life was made by God and God is eternal. Life will be eternal. In human life , earthly life, we face struggles and difficulties and not too many shoulders to rest us , because a sort of animal instinct has been fed. Love has grown cold, and care together with it. We experience losses and we wonder if we are abnormal to want to pause and grieve. It seems we are upsetting people if we do, we are not rushing on with life to a direction where most people if they could stop for a moment to think, would say they have no idea where to , or even why they are rushing the way they do .

  Why live? What is the purpose of life? Who should you believe? Are the people in the world realy knowledgeable? Do they have the answers? Can you trust those answers? Have they worked ?

 Back to standards and ideals. There is a feeling of resentment that comes sometimes in life when people who do not know you seem to have your life fixed. Its usually the rich who have advice and solutions to poverty, people who have jobs that have solutions to the jobless and can easily accuse them of laziness, its those who don’t usually have emotional difficulty that can say with a straight and uncaring face, that life has no meaning, what it is is what it is, evolution at play, a world where there is no pity . If we listen to the world , and search the faces of the people in the world, we would get so many answers . The older we get we tend to form ours . We can easily get disiillusioned and angry and ask but do you know me? you, who has all the answers and advice, do you care to find out who I realy am and what can satisfy me? We realize we do not care about standards and ideals when we hurt. Why should you care what they think of your swearing when your whole family has just been lost in a car accident and all they can say is life has to move on and when are you planning to get back to work and pay for your house bills?

   But do you know me? No, I don’t and the problem of pain and suffering I do not have all the answers to , though am sure no one is an alien to it . Then who does know me ?

 Jesus knows you. Jesus knows you perfectly well. Not your will and not their will when they do not know you be done , but His will. He knows us all intimately and the most fragile part of our psychological make-up , He understands. He has sent someone into this world to help and to guide you . The Holy Spirit is a comforter.

 Let us pray :


Jesus, please help me. Hear the cry of my heart and come and help me. My heart is heavy and my lips will not speak words, but I know you know the beatings of my heart. Please, come and dwell in me and help me . Amen


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