The “We Now Know That” Tactic


Have you ever been talking to a skeptic when they say “ Yeh, but we now know that.” What I mean is that you can be talking about a variety of issues about the existence of God such as:

  • The Origin of the Universe
  • The Mathematical Fine-Tuning of the Universe
  • The Terrestrial Fine-Tuning of Planet Earth
  • The Biological Fine-Tuning of Complex Life on Earth
  • The Informational Fine-Tuning of the DNA molecule
  • The Origin of Mathematical Laws
  • The Origin of Physical/Natural Laws
  • The Origin of the First Cell
  • The Origin of Human Reason
  • The Human Consciousness
  • The origin of Objective Morality
  • Miracles
  • The Resurrection of Jesus
  • The Reliability of the Bible

In many cases, skeptics will say, “Yeh, we now know that there are many universes out there, or we now know that David Hume showed miracles aren’t possible.” Or, “we know that evolution can explain the complexity of life and why humans…

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