Lesson from needles:

There is a popular saying about needles being your best friend even though it has never been proven for some inexplicable reasons. Having needles go in and out of me like it’s a needle holiday somewhere in Ireland has made me see needles in fresh light . In the light of the cross.

Honestly if someone had stepped forward to say they would take the shots I have been given these days, I would confess that they love me . More so if the person was a stranger who did not know if I was a wonderful or deserving person.

Also, I have learnt something about the betrayal of the human body .The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. The collapse of your vein four times because your heart was beating too fast and your hands had grown cold and your mouth dry exposes you . Do you really believe the words ” Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death , I will not fear” or “He is always with me even unto the ends of the earth” or ” to live is Christ and to die is gain ” or .. and the list goes on.

Again that pointed me to Christ. I now understand that the body of Jesus was 100 percent percent willing to die. Unlike mine, there was no relunctant cell in His body . His body went willingly to the cross to be nailed to it . Every thing in His body cried “I give myself freely to be crucified” Nothing in Him withdrew. He meant His words and the meditations of His heart were not contrary in any way to His actions. He was perfect and that is what needles have helped me see recently .
It is marvellous how God lets you see things in every experience you go through.


Little tree (fiction)

Once upon a time, there was a cat. Of course, cats have always existed since the time you and I came to join the souls who were conscious of time being divided into day and night and so on.

So, once upon a time, there was a cat, and even though there was one , she or he is not the subject matter at hand smile emoticon . Once upon a time instead, will therefore have existed a tree.

What kind of tree it was is inconsequential because I said so smile emoticon . What I know though is that the tree loved to sway and look into mirrors a lot. Hard to imagine , but so be it.

So, one day little tree swayed and swayed and danced to the sound of the birds flute. She moved her leaves and branches and there were wonderful swings here and there. She looked left and right and saw another tree. Secretly , little tree longed to be watched.

Swaying and swaying and begining to lose little leaves, she thought the eyes of the others would be turned on her. After much ado over what she thought was something, she got some boldness shots from my imagination and asked the rest what they thought of her.

Hmmm, they said. We are all blind and had no idea you had been swaying and dancing your little trunk out . Little tree felt crushed but learnt a lesson.

She learnt that when dancing, her eyes should be looking at the skies for the rain and the hand who gave the rain and the wind and not to others for validation. She learnt she could dance her heart out and she did not need to do it for others to see.

And that is the end of little tree’s story.

A letter to a future somebody that might or might not exist (fiction

Hello dear, I am struggling between feelings of euphoria and maybe mania(lol) that I can do this on my own and might live life without ever meeting you . That is exciting on its own because it gives me a freedom to live as if you do not exist .Mania comes when I imagine that you do exist and then I get calm once more and feel confused .Spread my wings and fly and pour out my life for the good of humanity or be calm, tame and imagine I will meet you someday ? This is not easy and am thinking if I see you one day , I willl catch you . Okay , maybe that didn’t come out right. đŸ™‚ I think what I mean is, when I catch you , you will see sometin as they say in Nigeria becaus this suspense is disorientating. Lol , I know right. disorientating, pttf. Hopefully I spelt that right. If not , here is a smile đŸ™‚ and that should do for now.

Okay, So what am I blabbering on about . On, about? Do those words fit side by side? or is it side to side? Okay. So. What. Am.I .Blabbering. About?

It is oh , hmmm a big problem . I have so much news to share recently and I have been tempted more than once , okay twice, thrice, a wholee week!! or more and it is not funny anymore. Beginning to have converstations in my head with imaginary not-you’s and I also have to restrain myself like a horse so I don’t end up spilling my soul to a not-you . It is supposed to be an adventure, you know, training the inner man? Self control? self.control? do.you.know.it.at.all? Yes, that. Trying to wait for you and trying to make Him satisfy me . But the moment I close my eyes, my heart does one of these crazy dances and moves . Where is it going to? Come back girl! I have said throughout this week . Relunctantly sometimes because fantasies can be sweet though not right

What am saying dearest one who exists or does not exist is, I have news to tell and I would like to tell you . I don;t know why it is important that you should know. It does nothing to me positively or negatively . But, somehow we are all wired to want to share. To share joys and sadness and all those random stuff we laugh about and forget the next week. But you are not there and I have to look for consolations. Do I read about Ruth or Esther? Ha , a voice that might be crazy for the night. Pray? The flesh feeling literay and all?

All the same. Unanswered questions. Another day and I will still try. I will think of inheritances and rewards and intelligence and sweetness. It’s a struggle , but this night I will set my eyes once more on the things above, while I wait patiently and hopefully for a day when all needs will be met and when I will not be itching to tell you that I have pneumonia and do not really feel like reading about the history of this country for my exams.

Thank you sincerely .ThisGodismysatisfaction.

Heart tease(fiction)

I have Seen Kings sleep. Seen many snore. Seen rulers naked and vulnerable. Seen them cry and seen them embarrassed. Heard them snort and call themselves fools .I see them , just like I see you . The place in you no one else sees.

Set my eyes into a curve. Let it become like does’ eyes. Concentrate. Stare at one point, let them become a little cross eyed. But I set fire…watch it burn . Laugh, smile just right. Intellectual diva . all vain, all dark. Trying to look just right for the picture that will be photoshopped to make me look deep enough. Deep enough to be a quiet and deep soul. Deep enough to make you think I knew when the world would end. Deep enough to make you think I wasn’t dark. Dark enough to be able to hurt. Dark enough to shamefully …

He’s fine. It’s the bad boys that always catch my eye…because I think am playing with flesh and blood. Because I don’t think there are powers in the air. Can I see them? Ha. I know the powers in the air . I know. I know. But my heart is drawn. Drawn to the wrong things. Liek I said, he is fine. Let me just say something. Let’s just play . It won’t harm. Love your neighbor is what am trying to do. Not.

We both know your heart, Blue. I see you before you utter a word. I know your heart. I made it. I know the beats and the rhythms of life. I made it. That a beat too wrong, thats a thought too twisted. She does him good, and not harm,all the days of her life.I wrote that. All the days of her life. You are to be faithful all the days of your life. That is one mental conversation too much and fantasy too wrong. It’s a snare , but am always there. I make a way always for you to escape. Take it. Take it .


Yes, I know it is hard. I know you have desires and I made them. But I write love stories. I am the author of love. Heaven! I made love. I am love. Wait. Think these thoughts instead :
whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

I know the aches and the wants while in the vessel. But hold on, for I can give you much more. Much more. Don’t let him push your buttons, pull your strings, take your attention. Let go. No teases, no flirting. Let go. You must be Holy for I am Holy.


I am David (3)

I mourned for Absalom and would not be consoled. So the victory was turned into mourning for everyone that day and the people came to their homes as if they had been shamed in battle. They began to wonder if they had done wrong in saving my life . Joab, faithful and watchful Joab came to me and told me words I knew were true. He said I had made it clear that if all Israel had died in battle and Absalom had lived, I would be happy. I had considered the thought, but I was king so…

I went out and took my seat at the gate and the people came before me . The people were still having different quarrels at this time and even on that day there was strife for there was confusion. Our armies had defeated Absalom’s so the elders were pressed to bring me back and set me as King . I sent a message to Zadok and Abiathar the priests telling them they were my bone and flesh . I even promised Amasa who had been commander of Absalom’s army to be mine instead of Joab. Joab later killed him on a later day . I found out too that Mephibosheth had been lied against by his servant. The man being crippled had been taken advantage of and now he pleaded with me . I knew he was telling the truth because when I offered him the land to share with  Ziba his servant, he said  Ziba could take all for all he cared as far as it was I, David who had returned safely home…

The benjaminite was not the only worthless fellow who ever cursed me. Sheba was another fellow who tried to get the people to leave me. He blew a trumpet anbd sent the men to their tent  but the men of Judah held on to me steadfastly . As for my concubines, I set a guard over them and they leaved as widows till their deaths. This Sheba man got his head killed in the city of Abel. A wise woman had come out to meet Joab as she was fearful for the city’s destruction. Sheba’s head was then cut and thrown out to Joab and that was how it all all ended.

A famine occured for three years ater that and it was revealed that it had been brought on us because of the blood guilt of Saul. He had tried to perform an ethnic cleansing of the Gibeonites. As a means of compensation and a way out  of our distress, I promised them anything they wanted. The requested for the heads of Saul’s sons. They wanted them hanged. I allowed it , sparing just Mephibosheth. The famine thus ended.

The philistines fought many times with us but I had a song on my lips. A hymn of praise. He was my rock and my fortress and He was the one who taught my hands to fight. I spoke my last words, I , son of Jesse, the sweet psalmist of Israel spoke of how the spirit of God was upon my tongue and how He had caused my house to stand .

One lesson I had learnt was never to trust in man and to not be proud. The day I counted Israel even when Joab adviced me not to , I knew that pride was evil. God gave me three options that day: three years of famine, to flee three years or three years of pestilence. None of them sounded good but I knew it was better to fall into the hand of God than the hand of man and I agreed to three days of pestilence . After that I built and altar for the Lord and burnt offerings there to Him . The Lord heeded our supplications and averted the plague.