The seemingly boring grey haired man,yet humble

God is pleased with him.

He is not impressed by pleasant voices,curves, height or beauty.

Makes all things look vain and empty when its not about Him.

He bruises me, bruises me much .

He disciplines me, He disciplines me much.

He tugs unceasingly-much

I don’t seem to like it, to like it much.

But I am His child, His child –much

So I have to bear, bear much. For He loves me

Loves me much


Election people

Football and elections, the two things that make people see the maggots in their neighbors. The Nigerian elections has somehow made a lot of people see the Ebola in the neigbors, the meningitis in other people who will vote for a different candidate. The dark feeling of suspicion that  the person disagreeing with you might eat you up the next minute if he could change suddenly into a lion , the many affirmation of madness in supporters who have agreed to be called mad for deciding to choose one candidate over the other…the general idolness of the voting process. Many people have sacrificed all day just to stand and vote. I am not in any way saying it is wrong to fulfil your obligations, but am surprised that something of this world can make people so passionate they would spend so much time arguing, hating , and desiring. It is not wrong to desire a good canditate, but how many days do we see Nigerians desire God so fervently as during this elections? The idolness.

The world is not real . “The word of God brings us back to that reality everytime ” ,said Zac Poonen. This world and everything in it will pass away. That includes political parties, their achievements and failures and that includes our bodies, wits and minds. We will pass away. As we get fired up over these things, lets not become so intune with the fog that will clear up. The fog is not the clear picture. Let’s not be overwhelmed by the things we cannot see clearly. It is good to vote and personally I am very interested in who will be the new President of Nigeria because I have been praying for Nigeria, but that being said , I don’t like the way people are arguing and wasting their time and losing their sleep. Let’s make much of Jesus instead.

Why the golden rule alone is not enough

Saying that society can exclude God and simply do to others as we wish them to do unto us completely excludes the fact that history and daily interactions have shown that many will not do unto others as they want to be done to them. Infact many will do much good to themselves at the expense of others lives  and property, as much as their desires dictates. It is a very noble idea but it fails to treat the question of motives and why exactly we should be good to anybody.

Human beings are not buildings with fixtures for us to say “build society” . We are flesh and blood. Civilizations come and go but habits and general human problems have remained. We have become glossier on the exterior but our problems have remained old and ancient. Love and hate, laughter and tears have still come in the same old versions we had from the face of the first man and woman. In humans, there exist conflicting thoughts and desires. We find in us good and evil. We find that somethings need to be curbed in us and that like horses we need to rein in our excesses. Why is it that the humanist/agnostic/atheist does not question why at all we even have these conflicting parts in us?

To regulate the admistering of the golden rule, the human society brings its laws and metes out its punishments. Fine. You steal, you get punished and so on.The golden rule on its own at this point still remains a nice idea. The enforcement is external. External laws, rules, punishments and so on. But what do you do with a punished offender who is let out only to repeat his first offence? What do you do with those who are punished and come out hating having been so rightly punished? How do you deal with the desire itself at its very root? You can make laws that will make it illegal and punishable by death to commit adultery, but how do you deal with the adulterer whose adultery you cannot see? How do you make him or her a better person not from the fear of punishment and being caught, but just because it is wrong?

The golden rule is a nice idea if everyone understood it. It is supposed to be an inherent desire in us. We feel that something in us stir when we hurt another , but that will never be everyone and am afraid the majority will not be in this class of people. Science has not found and I doubt if it will find a way to treat dead consciences. That exists. Indifference. That exists too. Then what? Again, laws, punishment and everything external.

So what am I saying? Well, I agree with enforcements but I don’t agree that to create a perfect world, going about it the external way is of any lasting value. You cannot bring true self restraint unless you start from within. Getting your hand cut if you put your hand in a pot will restrain you, but if the  die hard thief at heart remain, the next hand will be used when it finds the opportunity. Men are not naturally good. Naturally bad men can pretend to be good in public. People can do good from wrong motives and no one will ever suspect. We can all be great people for the cameras, for the sake of decency and just being good neighbors because we are ashamed to do otherwise. But that will mean living in a plastic world with plastic smiles and forced kindness just to keep up with the idea of having good manners even if you would rather punch him in the face.

As much as we would like to do good to others, we will not be able on our own. We are naturally selfish people who think of whats in it for us. The golden rule does not say lay down your life even if they are underserving. It doesn’t teach us love those who mistreat us. Most importantly, it does not breathe on us the motivation we need to do all these things. It shouldn’t always be because we are afraid of karma because basically the golden rule secretly states that we should do unto others what we want them to do to us , because we are afraid if we don’t , one day some strange person go do am back. It is good to have that detereent but the best reason to follow the golden rulewould be because it is right even when we do not see the benefit to ourselves.

As much as we would want to pride ourselves to have such ability to do good to others, we can’t . We need help . That is why the Christian way of going about it is much diferent from any other worldview that says it in inherent in man so man therefore of himself must have the power by himself to follow it. The Christians on the other hand realize that it is in man to want to do this, but that he finds he does what he does not want and does what he should not do.

So, the golden rule is good, but it cannot be put in motion by itself. We have to be humble to realize that we need help to not be selfish and self centred even in seemingly little things. Society can be built on this law, if  it will be built, but it cannot because we are not good people. We need a savior who will work on our insides and not on our outer vessel, deterring it with blows and fire. We need the breaking from within. We sadly find we cannot do good to people if no one gave us consequences when we did not or if we were not expecting further benefits. We will do even less when we see that our interests will fare badly. That is why in my opinion, and I believe I have the backing of God, we need to do something first , which is love God first and then your neighbor as yourself. Only then can you love a neigbor you naturally hate because of a higher authority whom you can neither repay nor bribe(God Himself) .Fine, He is an external deterent but He works inwardly as well to create a desire to do good not from fear of punishment, but from genuine desire .

In conclusion the golden rule will not work on its own because it claims that just because man finds that he has right desires, that he will want to follow them. Also , it allows for external punishment when not followed which only stops the wrong action and fails to deal with the inward desires and motives. So, for the golden rule to truely work as it should it must include God and the Holy spirit which is able to help us always choose to do good no matter if we care or like it,if it hurts us or brings no visible improvement in our lives. God’s spirit is the force that makes the golden rule possible.

I knew the Lord before I knew you

So don’t dream of taking me away

He has always been there for me

So don’t dream of stealing my affections

He leads me besides the quiet waters

So don’t bring your idols near me

He came searching for me

So keep away from me, false prophet

He will reign forever

You are sweet but only temporary, dear gift

So don’t cling ever so closely

To the quiet place, Great Jehovah

Because You knew me from my mother’s womb

The Job 38 Ruler

Was reading through some impressive resumes the other day. People are always capable in their resume. Very efficient and reliable and I thought about God’s resume. What would God say if He was to tell us about Himself. It would be the longest and most infinite resume ever to be written. We know in part the capabilities of God but we shall know in full one day .

I created the idea of a Résumé.

I laid the foundations of the earth.

Who determined its measurements—surely you know!

I shut seas with doors

Seas burst out from the womb. I am the God who created poetry.

The mornings hold the skirts of the earth by My Command

Has the rain a father?

Can you send forth lightnings, that they may go
    and say to you, ‘Here we are’?

If I could change the world

  I would give everyone what they wanted and make them like me, replicate a little bit of me in everyone. Not too long ago, in a day I could call yesterday, I stumbled upon interesting comments. Person A said he would make the world a better place if he had the chance. Person B said that depended on what “better” meant, because what is better for A might not even be good for C, so the idea of a better world is a rather relative one. Goose and gander might be glad for this break, I guess, meaning my desire to replicate a bit of myself in everyone might not sit down well with everyone .

  I have thought about this and just like everyone else who has ever been interested in making the world less distressing, the usuals have come into my mind. Things like provide food for everyone, water , clothing, housing, stop crime, do everything to make people comfortable. I still think I would do this if I could, but there is only so much all these things can do . For one, a well built young man can lift up weights, he can run races, swim very fast, win gold medals in the olympics. One other thing he can do is pick up a gun and he doesn’t have to be hungry or naked to do it. His sister, the fine lady working in the firm could be so glamorous, hardworking, dedicated in meeting goals, but there is one drip , drip  that red lipstick cannot cover and there is an attitude that perfumes cannot shield. Only a race to the desert.

 Well. what about Governments? I will remove every head of state or President and King and Queen who is corrupt if I could. But who will I put instead? I will put myself instead. Okay, now you see the reality. From thoughts ranging to hypocritical-who-does-she-think-she-is?  to … anyway. Okay, I will put someone who is able, someone who is not corrupt, who could lead the people. That would be a good idea, but would that really change the world? If I did that in only one country, the answer is ofcourse not. But if I did that all over the world as the point of this essay really is, then sure,everything would be fixed, but how if this world contained our dear gun picker and his sister desert- chaser, would I have succeeded? No, poor Mister president would be left with an ungovernable population and I would have failed.

   I will not beat about the bush any longer. If I had my chance I would Christianize the world. In my opinion, there isn’t any point doing anything to change the world or making it a better place if I did not start with changing people. Providing the basic needs of everyone, preventing and altogether stopping crime are good things I could find myself doing, but the most important would be giving everyone a new heart and a sound mind for out of our hearts, vile things come out .

   If I could change the world then, I would give everyone one mind and aim . We won’t be like robots but our vision would be one. One goal too. That way when Eliezer is about to get a promotion, all the knifes in the coworkers hands will fall out of their own accord. That way when Funmi gets married, her husband will not look for camels that can go long distances in the desert, her first son will not have to turn to needles to be happy. That way  when Timothy goes out to buy bread, he will not find himself out of his body from a gunshot. That way when everyone wears sunglasses, the black and the white colored person will look alike. They will both be colorless. That way when Mark sees brother Ronke’s daughter hawking he will not wonder if at night, the red light will be reflected on her face because he will help her out sincerely. That way when a leader is given the honor of ruling, he will have everything he needs from an already perfect community of people which I would have created. That way , he will see no need to embezzel funds because everyone’s conscience would be alive and functioning properly. Everyone would try to outdo the other person in love and sharing.

 So, if I had time and power , that is what I would do to change the world.