If I could change the world

  I would give everyone what they wanted and make them like me, replicate a little bit of me in everyone. Not too long ago, in a day I could call yesterday, I stumbled upon interesting comments. Person A said he would make the world a better place if he had the chance. Person B said that depended on what “better” meant, because what is better for A might not even be good for C, so the idea of a better world is a rather relative one. Goose and gander might be glad for this break, I guess, meaning my desire to replicate a bit of myself in everyone might not sit down well with everyone .

  I have thought about this and just like everyone else who has ever been interested in making the world less distressing, the usuals have come into my mind. Things like provide food for everyone, water , clothing, housing, stop crime, do everything to make people comfortable. I still think I would do this if I could, but there is only so much all these things can do . For one, a well built young man can lift up weights, he can run races, swim very fast, win gold medals in the olympics. One other thing he can do is pick up a gun and he doesn’t have to be hungry or naked to do it. His sister, the fine lady working in the firm could be so glamorous, hardworking, dedicated in meeting goals, but there is one drip , drip  that red lipstick cannot cover and there is an attitude that perfumes cannot shield. Only a race to the desert.

 Well. what about Governments? I will remove every head of state or President and King and Queen who is corrupt if I could. But who will I put instead? I will put myself instead. Okay, now you see the reality. From thoughts ranging to hypocritical-who-does-she-think-she-is?  to … anyway. Okay, I will put someone who is able, someone who is not corrupt, who could lead the people. That would be a good idea, but would that really change the world? If I did that in only one country, the answer is ofcourse not. But if I did that all over the world as the point of this essay really is, then sure,everything would be fixed, but how if this world contained our dear gun picker and his sister desert- chaser, would I have succeeded? No, poor Mister president would be left with an ungovernable population and I would have failed.

   I will not beat about the bush any longer. If I had my chance I would Christianize the world. In my opinion, there isn’t any point doing anything to change the world or making it a better place if I did not start with changing people. Providing the basic needs of everyone, preventing and altogether stopping crime are good things I could find myself doing, but the most important would be giving everyone a new heart and a sound mind for out of our hearts, vile things come out .

   If I could change the world then, I would give everyone one mind and aim . We won’t be like robots but our vision would be one. One goal too. That way when Eliezer is about to get a promotion, all the knifes in the coworkers hands will fall out of their own accord. That way when Funmi gets married, her husband will not look for camels that can go long distances in the desert, her first son will not have to turn to needles to be happy. That way  when Timothy goes out to buy bread, he will not find himself out of his body from a gunshot. That way when everyone wears sunglasses, the black and the white colored person will look alike. They will both be colorless. That way when Mark sees brother Ronke’s daughter hawking he will not wonder if at night, the red light will be reflected on her face because he will help her out sincerely. That way when a leader is given the honor of ruling, he will have everything he needs from an already perfect community of people which I would have created. That way , he will see no need to embezzel funds because everyone’s conscience would be alive and functioning properly. Everyone would try to outdo the other person in love and sharing.

 So, if I had time and power , that is what I would do to change the world.


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