Election people

Football and elections, the two things that make people see the maggots in their neighbors. The Nigerian elections has somehow made a lot of people see the Ebola in the neigbors, the meningitis in other people who will vote for a different candidate. The dark feeling of suspicion that  the person disagreeing with you might eat you up the next minute if he could change suddenly into a lion , the many affirmation of madness in supporters who have agreed to be called mad for deciding to choose one candidate over the other…the general idolness of the voting process. Many people have sacrificed all day just to stand and vote. I am not in any way saying it is wrong to fulfil your obligations, but am surprised that something of this world can make people so passionate they would spend so much time arguing, hating , and desiring. It is not wrong to desire a good canditate, but how many days do we see Nigerians desire God so fervently as during this elections? The idolness.

The world is not real . “The word of God brings us back to that reality everytime ” ,said Zac Poonen. This world and everything in it will pass away. That includes political parties, their achievements and failures and that includes our bodies, wits and minds. We will pass away. As we get fired up over these things, lets not become so intune with the fog that will clear up. The fog is not the clear picture. Let’s not be overwhelmed by the things we cannot see clearly. It is good to vote and personally I am very interested in who will be the new President of Nigeria because I have been praying for Nigeria, but that being said , I don’t like the way people are arguing and wasting their time and losing their sleep. Let’s make much of Jesus instead.


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