My week so far

This would be a bit personal as I have learnt and relearnt some things this week, some from the books I read, the people I spoke to and the things I saw .

I had an interesting conversation with a man yesterday. I don’t know what it is about me that makes people want to talk and talk for a long time . God has given me the ability to listen to people and to sit long hours as well, plus I like listening to people anyway more than I like to talk , so its a win win both ways. Also, I should add that it might not be a coincidence that somehow the conversation steers to religion and usually am not the one who brings the topic up! I want to believe that God is preparing me by letting me listen to what people have to say about religion to know how best I should prepare. He says we should study His word to show ourselves approved. We need to know how to reply people, what to say to them when they have objections and so on.

Frankly speaking, I am overwhelmed by the way satan has used so many philosophies to blind people. If there ever existed a liar and a good one, he really gets the prize. The bible calls him the father of all lies. I listened to lies to the point of being afraid if there really can be redemption for people , but I have hope that there is a God who can do it. He can transform. The word of God has inherent power. That is something I had to relearn. It is not the sower who does the work, It is the seed of God, which is the word of God that has power, when spoken, meditated upon and prayed upon. That is why jesus said that just by hearing Him speak , they were already cleansed. John 15:3. But even then , Jesus has to speak. The letters in the Bible can kill and make a pervert man more pervert and a blind man even more so if the spirit of God does not breathe upon them. It will not leave a person unchanged  is what I believe. Man must be convicted, or hardened by the word of God. Even indifferent to it and that is still a reaction. People will react to the word of God whether they believe it or not because there is power in it.

So back to my conversation. I learnt  much. My companion said he had read the Bible, the Koran and other books and he believed that it was all psychology . A play on people’s minds. That God did not cause the flood because He is good, that He loves everyone and that God is made of two sides, God-the good side and the devil-the tempter and both perform their duties. That at the end we should live right and that is all that matters. He said he was a modern man and prefered not to believe in any at the end of the day but instead live right.

Something in me sprung up at this time. Live right. We just can’t live right, but that is one of the lies that satan has planted in us. We are sinful people who are blind to our faults and need someone to point them out to us . God clearly says that Jesus is the only way to be saved but satan has made us ignore the rules and regulations and instead focus on the name “God” and assuming what “God” wants. God did not say living right is what He requires. He said “come to Jesus and be saved”. That our good deeds are filthy rags and can never be enough. As one of the members of thr RZIM team once said , we can’t measure goodness because we don’t know how many good deeds we need to do in the first place. Is it one? twelve thousand? Will the person who does a little less than nine thousand be sent to hell? and so on. We have created a God of our own making and it is terrible.

I feel sad because many people are counting on good deeds even when information is available and then i realize that this is a problem in the spiritual realm. Spirits are at work causing people to be blind. God Himself allows people to be deluded but He knows those who are His. Now I don’t know who is His and I cannot judge the hearts of men to know their sincerity or lack of it , so in the meantime I have realized that we realy need more workmen to preach, correct and pray in all urgency. Time is running out and people are going to hell.

I also was stunned this week by unforgiveness. As Christians we must forgive. I was stunned this week to find out someone I know has held on a grudge for over twenty years. I cannot fathom the depth of bondage. It is a wake up call for me and anyone reading this. Please you cannot live like that. The devil uses unforgiveness to keep us stuck in chains. God cannot move in the life of an unforgiving person . That is a body open to so much demonic attack, sickness, unforgiveness from God Himself because He said He will not fogive us if we do not forgive. That is years of unanswered prayer! It’s very sad. Unforgiveness at the end of the day causes death. But it baffles me how satan is able to let someone hold grudges for that long, and yet we say we are good people?

I met a woman with something like a  tumor on the left side of her face this week as well. It covered her entire left face, her eyes and made that part buldge. I also read on HONY recently about a woman who has had to live with epilepsy for so long , having fits almost everywhere and I like everyone else thought that my problems were insignificant compared to her struggles. Health is something we take for granted. Many times I have said that if I pass through this headache or stomach ache, i would never complain again. I do get through it but end up sometime later taking everything for granted once again. So I have learnt it is good to be unselfish and if you think you have a bad day , think of other people’s struggles and instead be thankful. That way you can be of help to someone and pray for other’s struggles.

I have also relearnt that riches are temporary. Infact everything is except God. Today you can earn this and have so many workers and a wife and children. Tomorrow all that could be gone. Life is fleeting. Things are temporary so hold it in a flat palm and not in a clenched fist. Be humble and let God be your satisfaction.Also, goods days do not have to be the reason for you to be happy. The sun is good and it is shining and all looks merry and well, but that is not the reason to have a good mood and be happy. laughter and all that is good but that is not good enough. God should be the reason. The unfailingly nature of God is a legitimate reason and not the weather. I see people placing all their joy of the day on the sunlight shining and the sales there are making that day . What of tomorrow, when rain and snow falls? That too will be the day that the Lord has made and we must rejoice in it for it is good.

This week I have been troubled about evil. I had my tommy rumble rather too loudly infront of someone and yes it was embarrassing and yet I know that even in those moments God is interested in my wellbeing and even my hair strands. So it bothered me that there are girls aged eight, nine and so on being raped and sold as sex slaves elsewhere. It bothers me a lot because I know that God is interested in my cut finger or is He not? but that there are many girls of my age being abused right now. I don’t know how to be happy except I forget them and not imagine what they are going through at the moment and forget them i must for many hours in a day , like now as I write this blog post and when I have to go about my daily activities. But yet God will not forget them . Still we should do something for those girls and for people we know suffering. It’s not easy to be less selfish but lets’s try to minimize entertainment time and be active , at least in praying if we cannot do anything else.

Finally about being crazy, fanatic or whatever for God. I have realized that people have gone before us. There is a cloud of “fanatic” witnesses who have gotten themselves stoned, burnt , eatten by lions and so on for Jesus. Jesus our saviour took His calling very seriously, the apostles did. So if you need encouragement, look at them for examples and be “fanatic” as they call you. I am saying this because I read somewhere the what were supposed to be christian opinions and advice to a lady who said there was no cuddling and kissing in her relationship . That she did not want sex but she wants cuddling. I was angry and I will not hide it. It really vexed me. This is a site that would say no sex before marriage , but the next moment go soft and be sympathizing with the plight of a woman who isn’t cuddled. worst part is she was not even sure he was going to marry her because of his recent “wayo “ways of less cuddling. Now if the “heartbreak” occurs, she would be hurt because of emotionally entangling herself. And what if this happens with the next man and the next? can she say she really has been faithful to what the avenger said in His word?  Those who offered a different opinion on the matter were shut down because physical intimacy is apparently good and not sex. I wonder then what leads to fornication? But then again God says he knows His own and it is not our business to compare. He will teach who He will. Our duty is to follow Him for satan is out there looking for even the elect to decieve. Another reason to follow Christ and not make Christians your saviour.

And there you have it.

Finally number two, I have to remind ourselves that preaching, writing, encouraging, infact using all the gifts of the Holy spirit is good but will not take you to heaven. The donkey could warn the prophet and that was a wonder, but the donkey did not go to heaven. same with us. We can have power to do many wonderful things for God but it will all be in vain if on that day Jesus does not even say we backslided, but that He never knew us. That will not be our portion in Jesus name


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