God is faithful

Closer than any friend, powerful  than anything imagined. Our God is indeed faithful. Through stress and stormy seas, we will remember that grander earth has quaked before , moved by the sound of His voice-Bethel Music. It is always an adventure with God and the safest place to place your hopes and plans for the future is in His hands.

The Bible says that praise befits the upright.Psalm 33:1. He dwells in the praises of His people. Our God is faithful.So lets dance in the Holy Ghost!!


Change is on its way

    The only constant thing as they say is change and so change is on its way . The only thing that can keep someone strong and satisfied is God. For God to do that, He has to be known. When we face difficulties and things obstruct us, when we do not know what direction to take and feel like waving away everything disturbing our peace , and cannot find that magic wand, going to God in prayer when we know we have to cry to Him and tarry, waiting on Him patiently does not always feel so comforting. But the Bible says He is the father of all comforts and the one who can wipe away all our tears and give us peace. So if He is the one who can do all that and God cannot lie, then we have no option that to find this God.

So I have decided to make more posts on  how to make God truely our satisfaction, to grow deeper so that very little matters . He is our everything, but let it not just be the words we say, let it really be felt in our hearts. If God is our everything, then there is nothing we could ever have or achieve on this earth that would make us wealthier. We are already rich and if we need any wealth apart from Him to be happy, then something has to be done while we live to rectify it.

Also, on the issue of living a purpose driven life, I will be getting all the information I can and help and I will share them as I get them. Let us taste and see that the Lord is good for ourselves. Let us see for ourselves that He is with us even unto the ends of the earth and that He will fulfill His purpose for us .Psalm 138:8. This is about taking more risks in God’s name. Abandoning ourselves more to Him. Surrendering more . For He is able to do much more that we could ever imagine. Ephesians 3:20

No man wants a liability

—and that is why I can appreciate God the more. When I feel like a liability, I know my God is not looking for my best to exploit for His benefits. He is not ruthlessly seeking His benefit selfishly , ready to discard me if He sees no potential. That I can feel like a total failure and Know that I cannot redeem myself. Nothing I can offer was ever my own in the first place. He seeks me in my worst moment, in my not so glorious moment, not to make money off me or for His comfort. For His glory and my wellbeing , My God does it . He does it so I can share too in His glory. Whether I feel like a liability today or not, He says He will remain constant even when man searches for people that will make life easy for him. I can rest in my God who allows me to fail and be joyful knowing He is enough even when I feel rejected and not enough, He is the one who I can really say will complete me. Because man is not enough. He wants one who won’t cause inconveniences, because man is man, only human, not enough for me and you .

Thank you God that there are no Bible verses saying you would not save and love liabilities even while there were yet sinners. Thank you special groom to this bride that you are selfless.