Ma cherie

Gall. Bitter. Ma cherie.My wife.Do you know those masks strapped across the mouth? Imagine you are struggling with the piece of white cloth, tough like a piece of towel gagging you.He wouldn’t let you go, would he? You are struggling now, my bride . He is pulling your hands to your back. He wants to put the cuffs on you, doesn’t he? You are making those sounds.No ,no , let me go ! Please don’t hurt me. He is shovelling it now into your mouth now. Say it, he keeps urging you on. Say it. It reminds you of the picture of the snake in the wine glass. How scary. Will it not bite?You turn your face,but he turns it back. Say it. Say it.

Ma cherie, my bride. Spit it. Spit it into my hands . I touch spit. I heal with spit. Like I did the man who was blind. I will heal your mouth of bitterness and swearing.How does bitter water and sweet water flow from the same source? Doesn’t the linen cling to the loins ? My bride. My bride? Let the words of your mouth be acceptable to me for every man shall give an account on that day. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. I break the bonds . I save you from sin. I am not just your forgiver,but your deliverer. Speak life and not curse words. Speak life, my bride.


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