Two in one(The will and love )

I don’t know what better way to tell this story except to start from the beginning. Let me go straight to the point. Today I was asked to die. Yesterday I died, the day before I died too. My art of dying, somedays it’s not perfect, some days a specific thing in me dies.Today…

“No sir” I said to the voice.Not today.

Let me continue with my story. Naturally, I have this thing called “will “. It is inherently mine. I like it a lot. For instance, if i want to go on a journey, i just have to do a little thought circulation and there! my will makes it happen like boom . Except from some distractions from “thy will”,but i digress…

The thing about dying is that I like to resurrect all too eagerly. In this case , resurrection is not a good thing. It is indeed a problem. I should not resurrect after dying to this thing i have explained as “my will ” , but i find out that I do. Each day I wake up with a strong resolve to take over the world and do my will, and the voice keeps saying “die , die , die , to it”. Basically, it asks me to use my will to destruct my will. I know right? But with the Voice all things are possible and the Voice makes it happen, except that today I wasn’t particularly interested.
“how can you ask this?” I asked the Voice. “This is too much to require of me ” I complained to the Voice but some creatures were already chanting “He obeyed, even unto death. Death on a cross. He died to His will.


Last night , I “ate” witch and turned myself into a cat so I could pursue my neighbour. Quite ridiculous isn’t it, considering that I could have just walked out of my house in broad daylight and narrow midnight and chased him. The only problem though is that I don’t know who my neighbor is. From Google, I know that cats can see in the dark as if it were night , erh…sorry, I meant to say, as if it were day. Still doesn’t solve the problem of who my neighbor is or who gave me witch to eat. So I will pause now and give you a minute or none to ponder along with me. Pondering? Okay, take a break, call your friends and hear me out or call your neighbors because who knows my missing neighbor might be amongst yours.

Now back to the matter at hand. I wonder whose hand the matter is in anyway or why it is even in a hand, but if you ask me these questions dear reader, na who i go ask? The matter wey we see so e heavy for mouth…so children, children? Do i hear a yes aunty? Great! Who is your neighbor?

Your neighbor is me smile emoticon you are my neighbor and I am your neighbor but don’t limit yourself. Your neighbors are everywhere. In addition, a neighbor is someone who you love as yourself. Someone you meet frequently or will happen to meet . A neighbor is a strange man or woman as the good samaritan shows by example.The bible says love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Not really,I didn’t “eat witch” but you have realized that now already.


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