The male Jezebel

That title is definitely click bait haha! and I don’t plan to apologize for typing that. I am a bit restless thinking of what to talk about, wondering about my ‘ talking about things style’ and how my writing voice has changed ( in my opinion) . The switch from what I’d like to call the tight-lipped academic voice to the laid back, bubbly kind of personality voice seems to have happened rapidly. I tilt more to the easy-going voice these days it seems. Day before yesterday at the clinic or was it yesterday ( memory? Hello? Come back please) , as I sat down to wait for my turn, I checked my inbox to see pocket’ s recommendations. I clicked a link that talked about how different reading material affect our minds, ability to form complex sentences, syntactic this and that ( you see how unserious I am taking this voice issue thing?). Reading academic journals with depth causes the mind to pause, reflect deeply and savor the words . The experiences if I am not mistaken , can be compared to reliving the actual event. Also, reading poetry fires up areas in the brain that help with complexity in language. As someone who rarely reads poems and finds them very fuzzy and difficult to concentrate upon unless I like the person personally and want to put in some effort, this sounds like bad news. It feels as if I am not quite there yet in this complexity business. Ha.

That’s really by the way. I think I just want to say with this blog post that nothing is really that much of a big deal. Give it a break. Complexity, simplicity, give it a break and just live. We’ll all be extremely complex in heaven, speaking in better than New Yorker’s sentence constructions someday. Saying hi to each other in heavenly language better than all Shakespeare and the rest of them from the times of the early Greeks and Romans to the last day on earth.All these will be condensed into little less than a drop of speech greatness. To summarize this again, I’ll say give it a break and just live. There’s no point feeling superior or chasing superiority of taste like it won’t be ours eternally when all is transient. Culture, the rising of the soul to high culture and refinement will be something every believer will experience forever intensely, so I think like Solomon , we should not weary ourselves no end with books ( I’ll broaden this to what I’ll call ‘ it’ , where it refers to anything refined ) .

Well, male Jezebel sounds cool and it’ll be a shame to not think of something to link this post to such an alluring title. But I am quite sleepy, so maybe I’ll call a male Jezebel anything that inspires a post before my sleep. In which case, this is one of my’ I write as it comes’ post, where I do not worry about making as much sense but more concerned about communicating what is currently on my mind.



8 thoughts on “The male Jezebel

  1. LOL We’ll all be saying hi in a heavenly language better than all Shakespeare πŸ˜€

    I know what you mean about writing style though. I notice that my writing fluctuates too depending on what I’m reading/how I’m feeling.

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  2. Hahaha I know it will be that way one day. Me too, depends on what I am reading or even listening. Those days when I used to listen to Ravi Zacharias a lot, I noticed I was beginning to talk like him in a way. Everything influences with time


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