To the sting of death…

For you my rainbow

I called you my rainbow

You were my promise of sunshine

My chocolate

A bond between a mother and daughter

To the conversations we will never have

To the changes in my face and body you’ll never see

To the years I might live longer without you than with you

Grief cannot be explained

Reopened wounds have no end

Reoccurring like a cycle

To the surprises only your milky skin could give

Those hugs, unplanned gifts

My love

The only real love of my life

To the tears I cry

The ones unplanned for

The ones I cry this night

My angel

My mum..

To one more day without you

To days I will survive still.

Dedicating this poem to Nonso who just recently lost his sister. Everyone grieves differently, I know, but maybe it helps to know someone else understands just what you mean when everywhere you look, you find something to remind you of a lost, loved one. Comfort and healing is what we pray for. 


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