Insomnia inspired

I have a feeling I’ve been awake for three day and it cracks me up, it kills me actually( in catcher in the rye style😂😂) . I can’t sleep! There are so many reasons why I can’t sleep. From me wondering about life and people to so much mental gymnastics and physical exertion but anyway , I really like this picture I took of myself yesterday. I like the way my lips turned out really dark after editing it. I told one of my friends who said he liked fish blood red, that I am the real deal and that this was me after drinking lots of that bloody substance. And my nose decided not to be pointed yesterday. Not that I have a pointed nose, but some days it really can be pointed and from the side , it is very pointed. Not sure what brand of nose this is,  but my daddy takes the credit for this handiwork.
One of my other friends P, who has about the same level of eccentricity as me, sent me this messages yesterday:

Him:I trust you are well.

 Me:Yes I am.How are you

Him: I am well.

Now that we’re communicating politely.

Me: Yes indeed. How are martha and getrude doing. I presume the weather has been kind to them?

Him: Yes, they will be leaving for teacher’ college in the Spring. Claudette and I are so excited to see our twins going off to school

Him:Ivanovitch is expecting your call tonight

Me: My husbands affairs should not be spoken in such a casual manner. Hush hush, who knows if the Germans have been intercepting. Can’t trust my letters anymore these days

Him: Very well then. I shall tell him that the hen will crow this afternoon

Me: Lol😂😂

Me: Now I feel indebted😭

Him: I am merely fulfilling the blood oath my father swore to yours

Me: Your loyalty and faithfulness will not be forgotten, I swear on my ring

Him: And your remembrance shall be remembered. I swear on my stomach

Me: Lol always about the lamb


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