Aweblue-Tweets for sunday

Dear Aweblue, 

 I am an amebo, a term which brings to mind the amicable picture of a mouse eating her cheese in peace and doing that dance they do as they shake their soft buxoms before disappearing into a hole. Less picturesque would be just a person who likes gist and snoops around to know what’s up. That being stated with utmost humility, I am not the person to go round reading gossip magazines and blog posts but I often happen upon some news, with my happenstance game really strong. The stumbling upon does not create any minor injuries like a broken head and the less minor one of lying in an unconscious state, but the frequency of occurence has resulted in me having to learn flexibility as I try not to dodge them so much. I cannot avoid them, you see and instead of pretending I can really unsee what I have come into contact with, I adopt the stance that gossip as we call it today is not really what gossip was meant to connote. In societies that have to protect themselves, certain information is useful to have as we learn to navigate paths unknown. I believe it is this sort of interest in humans that led Sigmund Freud to value a young girl’s diary so much as it helped him in his research with…


Scandalous news always seem to drop just when we are about to get drowsy in our boredom. The devil’s workshop in its mission to get its customers back takes the credit. In recent times, news about a certain apostle was all over and together with his escapades with a certain 23 year old girl, even though it did not make him more famous , at least helped with eliciting reactions of Twitter people. I am not a fan of this prophet by any means, and once helped in generating lots of comments on facebook when I called him out for what I felt was a man of god tomfoolery and a pratting on about the sureness with which a god he served would strike and kill another man in an effort to prove him as his able and sure messenger to the masses. As you can still notice, my criticism is laced with some judgement and anger still, but one thing changed this time when the news broke out of his adultery ( not yet proven to his satisfaction, so really I should just leave it at rumours) was that even though I wanted to mock this man, I was restrained and decided to not want to see him through the perpetual prism of ‘ he has no sense’ that I was accustomed to. I will tell you why in a moment.

Some days ago, after talking to a namesake of the man after God’s heart;David, I stumbled upon as is my custom on this Solomon Twitter guidelines and sent it to the namesake even though I hadn’t read it to the end. My eye caught the twentieth guideline and that stuck. I don’t particularly agree with the last one because of context. I have been known to hype myself in a friendly context with playfulness and I understand in which sense praising myself would be prideful so the for heavens sake does take it a bit too far on the rolling eyes lane  of what must be vain people in ludicrous motion( in my opinion). 

Back to the matter, here is what that guideline says : 

20. Be concerned if you are happy over bad news. Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles (Prov. 24:17).

I realised that my lack of appetite in glorying over the apostle’s failure must have been linked to felt wrong. Today, it felt wrong too as I watched in my state of ameboness and shortly before I muted all the people sharing things that were in opposition to my resolve. A certain comedian was found out. He’d been stealing tweets off someone else and within minutes, memes were dug up, gifs were sent, puns in honour of his false punnery were fast forwarded to his person, and there was general joy and enjoyment in the wrong direction. What I mean is people were happy they could deal with him,something that is hard to find fault with because just think about it logically,shouldn’t we be glad when a thief is caught? Should plagiarism not be something that should be picked against. Am I crazy and taking my ideas to the extreme? 

I think it is good that people do have a day of reckoning and meet it, but I also and because of that verse have come to realize that getting someone to face justice and taunting him and mocking him as he receives it are two different things, the difference might not be clear at first, but they really are. If anything, trust the bible if your logic does not align. It clearly prohibits us from wanting them to come to harm. This is Christianity. This is Twitter and sometimes they are at odds and this amebo had to tell you this this night.



7 thoughts on “Aweblue-Tweets for sunday

      1. The difference , I believe is in the state of the mind or heart. You know , sometimes the hand of God moves to punish those who were in bondage when they rejoice over the failures of others. There are examples of this kind in the bible where God rebukes nations for rejoicing over moral failures of their brother and sisters

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  1. ” getting someone to face justice and taunting him and mocking him as he receives it are two different things,”

    I agree. I need to do some introspection too. Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking post.

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