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Today marks the eve of being twenty three. I have been thinking about it but the desire to write about it isn’t present. All words irritate me. I don’t like their familiarity on the page, the way they smugly demand progression. Noun, verb, a qualifier; from which all thoughts proceed. It shouldn’t be too sure of itself. But I am writing today, because I might like the re-aquaintance. It’s not for me to state anything new, to give reports of my hidings or “whereabouts” as it demands to be called. I don’t want to. I have enjoyed this distance from my penning as it had rid me of the need to constantly forage out skills, things to adopt from the creativity of another. Instead, I read for my amusement, to enjoy, to walk a terrain without any need to know anything specific, to learn anything intentional. It’s just what I have been missing. I just be. I just be. I just be. Not am.

I even have been able to be consistent on the exercise thing. I feel better , even happier as far as I can tell. Moulding in a chilly room, I turn on the music, join in a dance routine, smiling , I end up releasing those feel goodies while getting the body that they say I want.Of course, I want. That together with keeping warm. I have missed days, but never without compensating. The benefits are compelling for me to stop ever again, I believe. Also, I know better now that to set boundaries of time to achieve something. It’s more long term now. If I go on like this, I tell myself, even without the intensity I should have choosen in the early days; days like the beginning of this year, I know I have put in one tiny block into the building and that is always something. Something over nothing.

Against the usual. Really, this is where this note ends. It’s more on my terms these days, as there’s nothing humanly compelling enough to hold me back from forcefully or maybe lazily holding down my weight as I push my own piece of individuality out there.