open your window

My eyes looked down, across the screen to where we all collectively have the words ‘move to trash’ and i chuckled. This does not add or take anything away from my intended story, or the appeal to open your window, no matter how much you see the need to not engage in that precise activity of opening your window. much ado over nothing that isn’t in anyway important to me, or you or any living creature who finds itself committed to reading this blog post to the end. i shall dust my shoes now and chuckle some more.

Chuckling completed. what then is left for us except to remain on this page and wait for what will come at us? i know, you know that I know that you are tired of hearing how long it’s been since I wrote anything, but I know, you know– we all know to be very honest, that I shall still mention it once more, precisely from habit, or tradition, maybe culture, or probably not. Rein your horses, gentlewomen! I think I physically was engaged in reining in horses because I am out of breath, hypothetically. I like being hypothetical about things that require no study into the true nature of things, as you can tell by all the signs–don’t ask me what or where—that there is no need for studies, in general. generally speaking.

To further complicate matters, let’s get right into the topic of today since we have decided it isn’t about windows or opening them or about opening them in succession. It isn’t even about writing about why I have not written or anything to the effect of that. It isn’t really about anything, and this should, if it hasn’t by now, done something at least in intimating a fail of some sort on the plan of literacy. oh, give it a break , Lizzy, shall we? Lol

Apparently, this did not go as planned but i liked it, so that’s what you get. See you in the next blog post.