Our distinguished tailbone

In the much ado about things era, what really is there to interest us about a tailbone? Five and a half out of five people need to research just what this bone is and where it is located, seeing as it sparks controversial imagery solely at the feet and mercy of what would naturally be imagery of an animal’s tail. How, how… do we have a tailbone when we are made in the image of God and are the head? Strangely, in the world of many wonders, even as you admit that seven would be a number relegated to the minimal number of occurrences, such things exist.

The tailbone is located beneath the spinal cord. That is as far as I would go in biology before being accused of diving into error. What matters most is that pain around the tailbone hurts and like I mentioned recently, on a scale of one to childbirth pain, it exceeds it. I would know this because i happen to be one member of the feminine race who recently had this bestowed upon her. Distinguished sense of feeling, to say the least( wherein I dive into the lol terrain).

As the on-going tradition of writing my examinations for the first semester of a New year has never been broken, even with recurring anxiety and bits and scraps of bronchitis and pneumonia to spice up an already busy couple of weeks, I’d been curiously on the look out to protect myself from anything which would harm me. The winter had been mild for many weeks, I’d been feeling really disgusted with the little effort it put in being vicious, as well as equally satisfied with the way my examinations has been going that I’d scoffed at the dull pain that had begun to pain? on the Saturday before the Wednesday of this week. I took a few pain killers and kept on going to my university with high hopes that it’ll disappear like a pimple, but alas…

A pepper plaster does nothing to take away swelling around your tail bone and if by now, this still reads scientific, I mean it does nothing to take away the pain around your butt. That should clear things up. We proceed. The pain killers helped in making me ignore the swelling enough to write all my papers but one. On the 24th,after an exam, I thought I’d die because I needed to take more pain killers than usual and I could feel a lump that scared the fear of not passing an exam out of me. My thoughts went in the order of ambulance, injection and right now. Surgery at that point had not crossed my mind. I had no idea.

My aunt and her husband picked me up at the bus station and we went to where ambulances usually go to. We were told to see a surgeon since it wasn’t too late in the evening. The painkillers had taken away the pain I should have felt from human touch, so my surgeon(wherein I make excuses for him) said I should rub some balm/mask and take an antibiotic and that if it got worse I should come back in the morning. Night came with a fever of 39.0 and an inability to walk. I took a post operative painkiller and we went to the hospital where I was told it was my tailbone. It was bent and had been for a while and only recently had it decided to collect infected fluid and cause so much pain. That was goodbye to my final paper for the semester.

Surgery was slated for the same day. My aunt says it lasted for forty minutes. I slept in the hospital for two days but now I am home and only go to get cleaned and have new dressings done. The surgeon cut deep, but the pain has reduced considerably; gone infact, though I sit with care and not for long and I still have a constant temperature of 37.2 which I’ve been told are as a result of having a heart that needs proper treatment. I have a new handbag, a new usb cable, a new relationship with my cat, my grandma has a new crystal inserted in her eye after her cataract treatment. I (we all do) have a new experience with living that I have barely exhausted with a post that barely scratches the surface, but I thought I should share a little before I slept today, so there ☺